ust a few minutes away from the Roman Amphitheatre, thanks to the careful restoration of the lodgings of the Royal Guards Officials, a prestigious Residence compopsed of 8 one – roomed flats and 2 attics was established at Pollenzo. Each lodging is equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom with shower, independent central heating, satellite TV, classical and practical furniture, 3 – 4 beds in the one – roomed flat and up to 6 in the two – roomed attics. There is an internal garden with walking and reading areas, and reserved parking in the courtyard.

This oasis of silence is immersed in a panorama rich with history, traditional and good cuisine, directly linked with the major roads and ahopping centres.

Particular and advantageous rent formulas are available.


Between Langa and Roero, a few kilometres away from Bra, immersed in the greenery of the royal park, Pollenzo represents one of the most renowned archaeological spots in the Piedmont region. Founded by the Romans in the II Century b. C., it was decorated with magnificent buildings. The elliptic edge of the amphitheatre, the most impressive work of Northern Italy, saw the erection of the farmers dwellings in the Middle Ages. After a dark period, Pollenzo discovered new splendour thanks to the Savoy family, who added a neogothic touch to the urban aspect of the village. In the hamlet it is possible to admire the XIV Century castle, whereas the Neogothic Church preserves a part of the magnificent choir of Staffarda. The guestrooms of the Castle are at the centre of an outstanding work of restoration bound to become the future headquarters of the University of Taste.